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About Us


We welcome you to our rich experience and success story, as part of the Saudi private sector that the Kingdom heavily relies on for the achievement of its main strategic targets and objectives. Since inception in 2014G, Estinad has achieved continuous successes and remarkable growth in the field of real estate valuation, in which we have outpaced our peers and become a pioneer, under the umbrella of Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem). We take pride in being an accredited member in Taqeem, with license No. (1210000037), which give our clients more confidence in us as a provider of real estate valuation across the Kingdom.

About Estnad

Estnad is a real estate valuation company, with its main business office located in Riyadh, and it carries out its activities in compliance with the laws and regulations of Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem).

Estinad obtained the license of Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers, with No. (1210000037), dated 09/06/1438H, corresponding to 08/03/2017G, CR No. (1010559333). It also provides real estate valuation, as well as real estate research, studies and consultations.